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Originally Posted by Mike Bulgakov View Post
"Cheffing" is a new English word for me. I did a search, and see I was missing a word in my English vocabulary.

Danes and Swedes have the best English language skills of any countries where English is not the native language, in my opinion. I think, in general, Danes are more fluent in English than Swedes, but Mr. Strongo is more fluent in English than most Danes, and probably more fluent than 99% of people where English is the primary language.

In Denmark, I am told, everyone started learning English soon after World War II, under the influence of Americans. For a long time, kids have grown up watching American television shows and movies.
There is something about Danes and English. Every Dane I've ever been forced to speak English to have had an impeccable grasp of the language, and it's almost kind of ridiculous how well they speak it.
Uninstintively instinctive.
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