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Nice to know you aknowledge Orantes.
I was at the 1975 US Open and observed many Orantes matches during that tournament including the famous semi that year against Vilas in which Vilas led two sets to love and 2-0 in the third. Orantes hit one of his incredible, what I call touch streaks in which he had the ball on a string in the third (I don't think Vilas was playing at a lower level than earlier) and won the next six games of the third. Vilas proceeded to win the first five games of the third and had several match points in the sixth game. It was at that point I left my seat to move closer to the portal anticipating that the match would be over soon. Boy was I wrong!! Orantes saved the match points and won the next seven games in what seemed to me like an instant. The fifth set was won by Orantes in an incredible comeback.

Most experts thought Jimmy Connors (at his peak) would win the final especially considering Orantes played late into the night. My thought was that Orantes was, when he was "on" was playing at a higher level than anyone else. Orantes beat Connors in straight sets and I honestly don't think it was really an upset considering the level of play of Orantes during the tournament. Orantes also beat Nastase fairly easily earlier in the tournament and Nastase was still Nastase at that point.

Orantes was one of my favorite players to watch.
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