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Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
There is California State Law that states if a product goes down in price within 30 days after purchase, you are entitled to the difference in price as long as the price still applies. Though, I don't know if that applies to on-line or phone order prices. TW has always been cool in the past about price changes.

Authorize dealers cannot advertise a price lower than the Minimum Authorized Price (MAP). That is "Price Fixing". Any authorized dealer may face sanctions by the Manufacturer if they advertise a lower price. I've seen this happen to a local tennis shop near my house. They opened a website and sold some rackets, far below the MAP. The Manufacturer prevented them from buying directly from the Manufacturer, and had to buy from other dealers/wholesalers. Technically they were no longer an Authorized Dealer, until the Manufacturer lifted the sanction against them. As a result they no longer have a website, but still technically sell below the MAP in the walk in store, because it's not publicly advertised. Basically you can sell a product below MAP, as long as you don't advertise it.

Do a search on "Price Fixing Tennis" and you will find a very interesting article. In this case the OP is Not correctly using the term.
Exactly.....also just about any retailer with solid customer service will honor pricing updates within reasonable limits......
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