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Originally Posted by LuckyR View Post
Yes your inside out FH is your favorite shot but it is not your best shot. I say this because you like hitting it against RH players because it goes to their BH which can't handle it well enough to go DTL against you, so you cheat even more to the BH side and hit the next shot inside in for a winner.

Against LH players, their FHs can handle your inside out FH and they punish you DTL for a winner.

You have two choices: don't go inside out with your off side FH (go inside in) or hit your inside out FH better, such that they can't go DTL with any consistancy.
Yes, running around your backhand leaves your forehand corner open. That's why the books I read when I learned tennis said, "Never run around your backhand. Instead, practice it until it is as good as your forehand."

I guess RH people get away with it against RH opponents because their opponents didn't follow that advice either (or they'd be able to smack the backhand down-the-line for winners).

If your LH opponent's backhand isn't so good, what you might want to develop is a killer inside-out backhand that you could use to pound his backhand after running around your forehand.
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