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Originally Posted by bhupaes View Post
Thank you for the kind words, borami. I enjoy reading your posts, and I think you have a pretty good insight into tennis. I do have a few points where I don't see eye-to-eye with Oscar, but he might just be right. The 2hbh is one example. I know he advocates an open stance, but I've had my best results with a closed or neutral stance, and I see pros using a closed stance whenever the opportunity affords. It's still a work in progress for me...
aren't we all works in progress. don't get me wrong, I like many of his insights as well. clearly he tried hard to innovate tennis teaching and I think there should be more teachers who try to think outside the box for the sake of tennis. but not all areas are equally innovateable. some are well established for good reason and others have more room for improvement or variation. there are many different kinds of fh in the tour but for 1hbh the footwork is pretty universal. it doesn't mean he can't try to improve it but the way he is doing it, to apply the pull across sideway for rhs and racket movement low to high for topspin while moving the weight backward just like in his fh concept, simply doesn't work. clearly he didn't observe the pros well on this. if he is a courageous person he should go back to the drawing board and come up with something better.
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