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Originally Posted by BirdieLane View Post
5263, I agreed with you that 2BH is better for first serve returns, right? And other things as well.

The OP was should a junior 'choose' to develop a 1BH vs a 2BH. I think it's a great question and we can argue pro's and con's all day and I feel like the 2BH might come out net positive once the dust settles in such a debate.

Which is why it's so interesting to acknowledge that 1BH players seem to have a better 'rate of success' in terms of becoming professional tennis players than 2BH players. Possibly by more than 2x (if we can agree that <12% of aspiring juniors had 1BHs)
Great post IMO and I agree, choosing a 1 hander does not even approach doom.
I agree it is a very reasonable choice if the right reasons are there. I now
see you understand I was just picking the 2 hander if there was need for help
with the choice due to the advantage against the very prevalent big serves
of today. Also 2 handers of today transition and volley as well or better than
the 1 handers, so that is not an up to date issue on this imo.
I do think there are several great things about the 1 hander and it can be THE
right choice as well.
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