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Originally Posted by hersito View Post
What are you talking about? hyperinflation was in the 80's to have hyperinflation you need to have at least 50% a month, now we have at worst a 20 to 25 % inflation a year, and the salaries follow the inflation. 800 pesos is 170 dollars at official rate or 130 dollars at black market rate. A wilson blx juice or pro staff or a head speed is about 1100 pesos about 220 or 190 dollars Is not as bad as you want it to make it.
yeah, and a couple of years ago a head youtek radical was about 600 pesos and now is 1200 or a little less... A barricade shoe was around the 500 pesos and now is about 900 , hyperinflation or not, the money in this country has a poor poor value and thins are more expensive day by day. If you want to take a tennis lesson for ONE HOUR you have to pay like 60 70 pesos, FOR ONE HOUR, A tennis bag for 6 racquets years ago was about 300 pesos and now is about 700....

You have to be like a millonaire to buy the good stuff (of tennis)

How is possible that a adidas shirt (the one that use murray or tsonga) is about 500 pesos??? ONE SHIRT, years ago the max. cost was like 200, and now is 500 or more????
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