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Default Opinion on Head Prestige S or Yonex Vcore 100s

hi there all,
Recently, I have been back to tennis after about 7 years of absence.
My skill is just so-so, about 4.5 in good days, but has been inconsistent now.
Now at my 40's, I feel that I don't have the muscle anymore to play with my old racquets, the Estusa Power Beam Pro, strung at 57 and 60. My volley is still there, but serve can be inconsistent, and constantly late on forehand, and even more on the backhand.

I know I need to practice a lot more to get my timing back. But, then, the racquets seem very heavy, and unforgiving sometimes. Took off the leads, but did not help that much. Therefore, I consider to switch to easier racquet to play with, so that I can concentrate more on my footwork.

I browsed around the internet, read some reviews, and judging from the specification, I feel that either Head Prestige S Yonex Vcore 100s will be my next racquet.

In the country where I live, racquet demo seems impossible. Thus, I'd appreciate if someone who had experienced with these 2 racquets can give some opinion.

The reason behind Yonex is that I used to play with RD-7 when I was a kid, and still can remember its sweetspot and stability. Meanwhile, I tried prestige 300 a long time ago, and felt that it was also very sweet, but had to stick with Estusa PBP since I didn't want to change my style that time.

On the court, I tried my friend's Babolat, the Nadal-like racquet, and somehow felt awkward. I tried the Pure Drive, the blue one, felt better than the yellow Nadal's version, but still awkward. Another tryout was a friend's prestige 300. Nice feeling, but still a bit demanding.

Really really appreciate any input here regarding those two racquets.

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