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Originally Posted by sundaypunch View Post
This is exactly the problem. Anyone that views Title 9 as the problem is not looking at the big picture. It's all about football in the NCAA, and football is monopolizing the majority of men's scholarships.

In this day and age it would be totally unacceptable to give men dozens and dozens of scholarships and women just a handful. Since Title 9 won't be changing, the question becomes how to increase the demand for tennis. Not an easy thing as interest in the sport has declined over the past few decades.
If football is generating revenue, then it should not be included in the scholarship equality count. That is what makes things unfair and gives title 9 a bad name.

We do need to figure out how to help tennis grow, and I think high school tennis is one vehicle that could change the game.

Tennis in its popularity, although, has never been bigger. The sport has not declined over the last few decades but actually has the fifth largest tv audience in the US and fourth in the world of all sports. It is growing strongly, but we do need to give it a stronger foothold in the US.
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