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Originally Posted by CCH4TENNIS View Post
Hi All

Before coming across the concept of waiting in a return of serve(ROS), I have always felt that the ball is coming too fast and inevitably, I can't get to the ball or shanked my ROS. These days, I tell myself I've got time and amazingly enough, I can actually see and return these fast-paced serves quite easily. Why do you think this is happening ?
Part of it is that you have actually become better with practice. When I first started facing "monster" servers, I was not quick enough to return them. Then they became easy to return. Playing with a variety of players helps a lot. You need to see serves of different speeds and trajectories to get used to them, otherwise you become good at returning the serves of the people you regularly play with, and experience trouble with new opponents.

Another aspect is what to focus on. Much excellent advice has been provided in this forum. Currently, I focus on the racket face movement just before the serve is hit. (Unlike ground strokes, racket face angle is more difficult to use as serves are started on edge and it gets too late.) But I guess both the angle and the movement can be used.
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