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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
For those who would like to make the inelegantly named "hand fault" legal, a couple of questions:

Since the player could stand right on the net and reach over to where he could contact the ball about 5 feet into the court, wouldn't that completely change the whole game of doubles where the net man could cut off almost all angles by reaching out that far?
When he hits the opponent with his racket, would he be able to claim a hinderance, or would the opponent not be allowed within 5 feet of the net?
When he hits the opponent with his racket and the opponent is unable to continue, who wins the match?
On dropshots, could he reach over and place his racket over the ball, so it would be impossible to hit the ball upward?
There would be a lot of issues like this.

Not sure you guys have thought this through.
1. I take responsibility for the inelegant term "handfault."
2. There is only one person who wants to make it legal. I won't mention who, but we must make sure she is not heard.
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