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Originally Posted by SystemicAnomaly View Post
The following story contains some suggestions from Consumer Reports...
That's disappointing news

Although its a bit old article '06, few things stand out...
  1. salmon’s off-season (November, December and March), we discovered that 13 of 23 salmons labeled as wild turned out to be farm-raised
  2. Farmed salmon are raised in pens, where they eat meal made from other fish that may have lived in polluted waters. As a result, they tend to accumulate more PCBs and dioxins than wild salmon. These industrial chemicals can cause cancer and reproductive problems, are fat-soluble and can be stored in the body’s fat tissue for years.

I'm assuming that #2 is true for all (other than salmon) farm raised fish

So the thing I'm not sure is... what quantities (PCBs and dioxins) are in there? ==> Does having occasional farm raised fish (say once or twice a week) outweigh the negatives?
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