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First off, my apologies if someone has already pointed out what I'm about to say. I've read the first 6-7 pages or so but then only glossed over the next few pages.

In my opinion, I think the reason that so many teaching professionals out there teach the two handed backhand is fairly simple. It has been touched on throughout this thread but as far as I know, no one has really stated it as being the main reason. Similar to the fact that "linear movement" has been replaced by "angular movement" when it comes to the modern game, I believe that the dominance of the 2 handed backhand in the modern era comes along from the same transition in the sport. As has been stated, the footwork necessary to execute a proper 1 handed backhand is more difficult than that of the two handed backhand. One can execute a 2 handed backhand with a variety of stances and still generate some type of aggressive shot whereas this is more difficult when executing say, a 1 hand backhand with an open stance. Tie this in with the POWER in the modern game and I believe that you have the reason that the 2 hander has become the predominant choice of both players who play on their own but more importantly teaching professionals who have fully embraced teaching the modern game.

So to sum it all up, I believe that the power in today's game is the main reason that two hand backhands are the most predominantly taught stroke by teaching professionals, regardless of the age of their students. Obviously individual attention should be paid to those who exhibit solid footwork and prefer the one handed backhand, but to me it is no surprise that the vast majority of teaching professionals teach the two handed backhand, regardless of the age of their students.

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Something I've been pondering for the last couple of days, so I thought I'd put it out there to the coaches (and others) on the forum...

With the advent of Mini Tennis, Quickstart, Hotshots, Play+Stay etc etc why do we not teach single handed backhands at Red (I am, of course, using 'we' as a gross generalisation!) All the traditional reasons for not teaching single handed at that age (Red ball is 8&u) are taken away by the mini tennis system, yet the vast majority of coaches still teach 2 hands without fail.

I am considering an experiment!

What are your thoughts?


Now on to the original post... I think this is a very interesting idea, and I do think that you make a good point that with the lack of speed and power in mini tennis, this would be the perfect time to teach students a 1 handed backhand. With that being said, there are many children out there who take lessons at such an age and then for one reason or another never take lessons again. This is probably a small percentage of students, but the point is that I would rather teach children the more successful stroke in the modern game even when they are starting out. I do believe both strokes can be very efficient when they are produced to their potential, but rather than just having an "experiment" as the reason for deciding to teach young children the 1 handed backhand, I'd probably have to have some reasoning as to why it would be more beneficial than learning a 2 handed backhand.
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