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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
So the details fit when you want them to, but not when they don't fit your example?

No surprises there.

I recall when he was wearing a non-current model that was part of your reasoning that he couldn't be endorsing Adidas, despite Federer having done the same on many occasions... but now that Djokovic IS wearing a current model your reasoning seems to have morphed to he's not wearing the current colour version?

Can players ever wear the current model in a colour variant that is unavailable to the public? Yes or no?
I am not sure you understand my point..
Federer has worn the latest PJ of whatever shoe with every colorway cycle.
Novak first had B6 way into B7 release and now is wearing the colorway that was released 8 months ago.
What is he selling for Adidas, assuming they dumped a load of $$$ on him? Why isn't he playing with the Microgel PJ of his racket -- because the latest PJ sells the rackets. Same with the shoes, the latest PJ is what every sponsored pro has. Novak has been and still is wearing whatever he wants from Adidas. Not the latest PJ, not the latest model if he desires, switches between models (depending on the surface), and so on...
On top of it all, still, Adidas does not show his face on their page and he does not mention Adidas on his own official page...
Great marketing on Adidas part...

To the highlighted part -- when did Federer wear the non-current model to a non-TT member -- meaning -- 99.5 people do not realize small differences between Fed actual shoe and the retail, or for example Murray shoe...

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