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Updated list below.

Originally Posted by TonyB View Post
Have reels of:

Babolat Super Fine Play 17 (yes, I still have 4 full reels of this stuff!!)
Big Hitter Blue 17 (not rough) (3/4 reel)
Tour Bite 17 (<1/2 reel)

Have sets of:

Babolat Super Fine Play 17 (9 sets)
Wilson Hollow Core 16 (7 sets)
Babolat Synthetic Gut 17 (3 sets)
Babolat Xcel Premium 16 (2 sets)
MSX Focus Hex 17 (1 set)
Head Sonic Pro 17 (1 set)
Ashaway Crossfire II (2 sets)
TF Black Code 17 (1 set)
Gamma Asterisk 16 (1 set)
Luxilon ALU Power Rough 1.25 (1 set)

Other equipment:

Gamma Supreme OG (2 packs of 3 each)
Babolat Leather Grip (1)
Wilson Micro-Dry Feel Grip (1)

Will trade ONLY for:

Polystar Energy 16L or 17

Really, that's all I'm looking for. Thanks. Email: snurple(at)hotmail(dot)com
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