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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
Interesting post and it got me thinking. I think the 2 hander positioning/footwork
is tougher, but maybe that is because I came to it from the 1 hander.
Also I think the one hander is more powerful and is just as much as part of the
modern strokes as the 2 hander. So while you made some interesting points,
I don't think they hold least imo.
I agree that positioning and foot work on the 2hbh is generally more difficult. The 2hbh has a shorter contact zone and you're just generally more constrained with it. Low, short balls can be hard. But I think a key point is that when you are out of position with a 2hbh you can muscle the ball over more easily and still hit a decent, if not great shot. I believe this is the big draw initially for beginning players and players who never develop proper foot work and positioning.

I think this is also the reason it's so good with return of serve. When someone's pounding a ball at you at +100 mph with different spins you often have to make last minute adjustments very quickly. It's a lot easier to do that with a 2hbh and still get some pop on the return.

When you have time to set-up and let it rip it's pretty impressive how much rhs a player can generate with a 1hbh, which ends up as some combination of pace and spin.
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