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Default Imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery! What Pro did YOU try to play like?

For me, a VERY long time ago, it was Bjorn Borg who I first tried to emulate, hitting looping topspin strokes on both sides and all but abandoning my single handed slice backhand. I even bought a Donnay wood-fiberglass composit frem, that LOOKED like Borgs, but was very flexy and while it was years before Prince came along, it's small head and my 15 yr old arm could only muster an 89 mph. serve at a mall that had a speed gun setup for a contest that I knew I wouldn't win, but wanted to know how fast my serve was anyway!
A year or two later it was McEnroes serve I was trying to make work. I took a whole day hitting serve after serve on my own, to get something that looked like it, but at a much less radical sideways beginning than ol' Johnny Mac's was!
Last it was Pete Sampras. The Master.
I strung up my PK Comp. Destiny to 62 lbs. and lead'ed it up to about 13.5 oz or more, like I had heard Pet did on his Pro Staffs.
Got to volley pretty good, but I can remember only ONE "perfect serve", that went up the middle, kicking up on my friends forhand so fast he couldn't react, but said,"WHAT WAS THAT?!!"..I just said, "just my BEST SERVE EVER!".
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