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Originally Posted by Muppet View Post
fortun8, I think you calculated how many racquet-ball contact bursts (4ms) you need to fill an hour. That doesn't account for the time the ball travels (1.5 sec. ?) Assuming that's correct and each strike is .004 sec., each drive would take 1.504 sec. My 1.5 sec. number is a pretty sloppy guesstimate. But you can see that for one hour (3600 sec.) divided by the time for a drive (1.504 sec), gives us 2394 or 39.9 drives/hr.
You divided further by 60 so that's 39.9 drives per minute.
Still a ridiculous figure, even if you divide by 2 for your opponent's return.
You can't even get that from a ball machine because you have to stop and reload.

This started out as a legitimate question, but has become a fish-slapping dance.
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