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Originally Posted by El Diablo View Post
Gleason 6 is borderline for "active monitoring" so I assume your PSA is well under 10, the other criterion for active monitoring. Seems like you've gone from your first post in which you'd seen three experts and the consensus was surgery; 9 posts later the consensus is no surgery at this time?
First 3 Docs I saw: were 2-urologists, 1 is a surgeon. Surgery was the direction they were pushing me. Got into see 2 different oncologist's at MGH and Dana Farber this week, and their perspective was a little different. They agreed that surgery was the right treatment but felt that with a PSA at 3.7, that surgery was a little premature. I am going with the recommendation of active surveillance and biannual psa testing with an annual biopsie. I feel alot better about my situation but am realisitic with the possibility that at any time if my status changes, I will have to undego surgery.
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