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Default Old String Question for the experienced

I was bored this evening after string a handful of racquets the last few days and decided to string one of my own. I haven't been playing or doing much lately.

Anyways, I had an old set of strings that came w/ my Ektelon Model D and I'd never used & I've since sold that machine and bought another like it.....That's another story.

I strung my POG 90 with PDP Dura-Chrome. The set says, "Package contains 22' & 11' of L15 Gauge Gut String."

I didn't know how to string with these two lengths and just made it work since I knew I only needed 33' of string. Any thoughts from the experienced classic stringers? It has a green ribbon to it that makes it look like it was made for a POG. I've only string w/ gut now a few times. I wasn't too concerned with quality of job since it was my racquet but midway through I was questioning why I didn't ask before I started.
Back to using POGs. Why did I ever leave you dear friend?
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