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Originally Posted by Steve Huff View Post
You should be able to string the POG 90 with 33' of string. It has a 14 x 18 pattern doesn't it?
Coachrick has a good memory. I have a set of Winn string here and it, indeed, is 22 x 11.
The PG 90 can be strung with a bit less than 30'. I had two highly ranked players using those and they would always be sent sets of string from the sponsors. I had a LOT of 10 foot pieces of string left over with those! It was sure a treat stringing those for the two young ladies. I finished 6 on Christmas Eve one year and dropped them off at their house before they were finished with their errands that day!(One of the girls was headed to Oz the day after Christmas). I reckon that's one reason the girls were clients for over 10 years . Got my biggest ever 'tip' from that family...200 sets of string that wholesaled for ~$6 each. That Japanese string manufacturer was VERY smitten with the tall pretty blonde ranked #2 in the US Juniors at the time.
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