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Originally Posted by parasailing View Post
That string lasts me about 5 hours tops. Once X1 starts to fray, it's all over. I second Kirschbaum Multi Touch one of the most underrated strings here on the forum.

Mantis Comfort Synthetic should be something to consider. It smells like glue and you can get high from it when you are stringing .
Kirschbaum Touch Multifiber is one of my favorite multis. I just wish it was less expensive. If you don't regularly break strings on shanks, it lasts about as long as any multi and doesn't change much.

Mantis Comfort Synthetic is very soft, but durability is terrible. Stay away from it if you want something that lasts long.

I'd have to say Pacific Classic natural gut gives me the best combination of softness, playability, and durability right now. I have to disqualify most multis because I shank the ball too much. I'll be trying Babolat Tonic in the near future to see how it compares.

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