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Good points guys.

I used a Ripstick which is 2 inches longer and can crank the serve on occasion. However the last few months the Ripstick has been hurting my wrist so I've mothballed it. I used a CTS Graduate (nice feeling stick) and a Babolat Pure Drive GT - again nice - but neither felt like the right fit. Both seemed heavy through the air.

I used POG OSs in the 80's and remembered them as really mobile so I thought I would try POGs again (the Boron was just an impulse purchase).

Here's the thing that freaks me out.

I'm good for on average an ace every 2 sets in the last 2 years. With the Boron I cracked 6 aces in the first set. I've never done that even when I was younger and stronger. The second set I tried to overpower the ball and didn't do as well.

So, I'm hoping the restring gives me some more feel off the ground but doesn't kill the magic I found when serving. We'll see when I get the racquet back.

And I checked my tracking #'s and there are 3 POGs awaiting me at the post office. One grommetless OS and 2 Mids. We'll see how they stack up!

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