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Originally Posted by coachrick View Post
This necessarily put a 'tie-off' in the middle of the crosses...not something most stringers want to try. With the PG 90 pattern, you would have a long end of the mains looping down to the appropriate cross and string up to the top tie-off. Then, start the rest of the crosses in the 'middle' and finish the crosses per normal. Getting the proper tension on that 'middle' cross was the trick.

This is what I did^^^. I just thought it looked funky but worked. I'll take it out and hit. I've never played with gut strings before. While I was stringing I was thinking to myself, "I should've just sold this set on **** to someone would've really like to have a retro set for an old racquet. Oh well. This is an old racquet too." and back to stringing. I also thought about posting a pic but didn't want to take grief for having knots at the 6th cross from the top on both sides. At least it's symmetrical!
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