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Hi All

I am about to be a member of this club

Yesterday, I was introduced to this stick and spent quite some time poring over the specs and posts on this forum.
Problem was that I could not get a demo stick. So I did the next best thing ie by customising my Bio 100 to as close as the specs of YVC89T by adding lead tapes at 9 N 3 as well as stuffing 2 rolls of lead tapes inside the butt cap trapdoor. The resulting specs are as follows :-

Strung Wt = 357g (original 331)
Swing Wt= 336.3 (original 323)
Twist Wt = 12.7 (original 11.8
Balance= 10.1 HL(original 5)

Compare this with the VC89T with leather grip and overgrip
Strung Wt = 358 (original 343)
Swing Wt= 335 (original 335)
Twist Wt = 13.3 (original 13.3)
Balance= 10.9 HL(original

This morning, I played with the customised Bio 100 and man was I shocked with the crisp feel of the FH, BH, Slices, Serves etc. Immediately, I texted by favourite tennis shop to order a YVC89T

BTW as a comparision, I tried hitting with the Bio 100 customised to the specs of the WPS90 and I had a hard time hitting with it... lol

CCH4Tennis, Malaysia
VolKl C10Pro 2012, 98 sq in(16x19), static:357g, SW:338,8.1HL, Tour Bite 16G@60lbs
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