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Originally Posted by dak95_00 View Post
This is what I did^^^. I just thought it looked funky but worked. I'll take it out and hit. I've never played with gut strings before. While I was stringing I was thinking to myself, "I should've just sold this set on **** to someone would've really like to have a retro set for an old racquet. Oh well. This is an old racquet too." and back to stringing. I also thought about posting a pic but didn't want to take grief for having knots at the 6th cross from the top on both sides. At least it's symmetrical!
Originally Posted by dak95_00 View Post
I can't even imagine stringing gut in a woodie with shared holes. That would've been just awful w/ those tight patterns.
Well, you put it in a color-appropriate classic frame...good on ya for taking the chance . I might have tried it in one of my Yonex 'Greenies'...the aluminum 8500 from the 70s. Finding an extra tie-off hole in the right spot is pretty tricky.

And, yeah, nat gut was a bear in the tight patterned, shared holes rackets of the old days. We would usually 'burn out' and/or awl out some of the holes in a wood frame before stringing with gut...even tougher were the Arthur Ashe Comp series sticks. Those had foam in the core and the holes would 'close up' as they were being strung, making shared holes with a soft string a real pain!
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