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Default Synthetic grip weights

We all love a good grip weight thread, so I thought I would just add details of the few I have recently bought and weighed for comparison purposes.

These grips are straight out of the packet, un-trimmed, still with backing tape but not the finishing tape.

Wilson Premium Leather - 26g
Wilson Shock Shield - 26g
Babolat Skin Feel - 18g
Head Synthetic Leather - 17g
Dunlop Biomimetic Tour - 17g

For anyone wanting the feel of leather but the lighter weight of synthetic, the Head Synthetic Leather feels really good. Its basically a firm feeling fake leather.

Anyone who has weighed other synthetic grips, please add to this thread. It's always useful to know or try and work out what impact switching to or from leather will have and we already have a few decent threads on leather grip weights.
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