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Having always taught in a northern climate, I can say that time constraints are a major issue here...The learning curve is typically longer with a one hander. Often times, significantly.

If a 10 or 11 year old shows some promise, realistically, a coach has only a few years to get them to a level of higher caliber tournament play..Tough to do, whithin a couple hrs a week..

Couldn't disagree more, with those that suggest the one hander is easier in terms of the footwork, especially with a child, who is both physically weak, and height challenged. The real disadvantage with the 1hander for such a player is the limited strike height available. They just can't operate much above the waist, whereas with two hands, they can absolutely crush chest to shoulder height balls. It just takes a lot longer for a kid (even with a high tennis I.Q) to work around this problem, and again, time is not really an option. Besides, it's not really that hard to teach a kid to volley (off the backhand) and learn to slice with one hand.

I would maybe change my thinking, if working in an academy, or having access to a kid more than a few hrs a week. Just the reality of the situation for most.

Having said this, I do think, if given time, the one hander is asthetically more pleasing, and has the potential to develope in a more well rounded way.

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