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Originally Posted by TonyB View Post
What?? Roddick beat Agassi 5-3 in the men's singles.

Agassi won the "super tiebreak", though. Roddick was hobbled by a sprained and swollen ankle. He was visibly limping around the court.

Still impressive for Agassi, he was really striking the ball well. But let's be realistic -- he didn't "crush Roddick" as you said. He lost their set.
Are you a Roddick fan? Or did you attend ths show?
The vidéo shows Agassi striking some great shots against Roddick, that's why I commented so. Ok "crush" was a little bit exagerated
Back to the topic, he actually played with his custom Head at San Jose and Vegas! Good to see him playing with Head.
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