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Originally Posted by sundaypunch View Post
This is not meant at the OP, but let's be realistic - the vast majority of juniors would rather be doing fun things with their friends and family than spending multiple hours on tennis every day. The burning desire to be an elite player is usually that of the parent (even though most of them would argue otherwise).

I'm not saying that this is bad for the kid or that they should be allowed to sit around and play video games all day. It's not surprising that they like a break from that pressure.
So true and that's one of the big mistake taking place in American tennis today. The time the kids spend on the tennis court is almost all pre-planned, lessons and tournaments. Kids need to play on their own more. Without parents watching, analyzing and judging. Just two kids playing tennis having fun, no lesson, or tournament. Now I've found it's best if they play a match on their own but if they organize their own practice that can be productive for them and fun.

I realize this may be limited due to age and playing environment, but when parents can help that happen in a safe environment it really is good for the kids enthusiasm for the game, their friendships and long-term development.

Sometimes we forget that kids take tennis lessons so they can learn to play the game on their own and enjoy it as adults. The earlier they start this process the better.
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