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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
I think that all of the players spent their best efforts on the world championship tour, which included Roland Garros but not the Perrier.
The list I compiled above was related to major clay TOURNAMENTS, which resulted in a 7 to 2 edge for Hoad against Rosewall.
Dan, It's just your flaw to underrate Perrier and maybe other events. Spending the best efforts on the world championship tour does NOT mean the players did not try in other events such as Perrier Trophy.

Nowadays the players concentrate to the GS tournaments but they still try to give their best in other events including the end-year masters.

I remember you did value Hoad's 1962 Facis series win as a plus in his career. Facis was similary to Perrier.

You should finally admit that Hoad had a terrible series of defeats in the Perrier series just as Rosewall played a terrible series against Gonzalez in the 1960 World Tour.

Taking away the Perrier series wins from Rosewall (16:1 on clay) is rather mean. I think you don't want to argue in a mean way...

But I maybe can do you a favour in telling you that one of Hoad's three wins in the Perrier series was a 6-0,6-1 victory against Segura...

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