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Originally Posted by jokinla View Post
Uhm, he is wearing the stripes for them, which is what he's promoting, not the latest model, this seems to be the marketing strategy when it comes to Djoker and his gear, it's been that way for a while now, shared by multiple brands. Or he just likes to share his image on tv and print for free.
I don't t is "for free" as he gets their equipment free of charge.
He does not get money from Adidas to do it, though.
Or, not even close to, lets say, Tsonga or Verdasco...

In any case, this is the battle of opinions, no facts at all.
IMO, there is no way that the world #1, sponsored by Adidas, would either wear last year's model shoes (B6 vs B5) in totally outdated colors, or even the current model with 8-month old colors -- consistently.

To JUNIOR's comments, and he knows they are total BS:
1) Federer has been wearing non-standard CURRENT PJ shoes for a long time -- it is some kind of mix or old sole and different top, etc. However, masked/painted to look current to 99.5% of population. A completely normal marketing approach that is done with the rackets and in many other industries.
2) Berdych has switched his shoes, for whatever reason, for a single tournament (or maybe two), not consistently.
3) Novak has worn the old B6 straight for many tournaments after B7 came out and continues to wear the white with black stripes that has been "discontinued" long time ago. No other color, no other model, only this. Obviously his own choice and has nothing to do with Adidas direct marketing.

My opinion is that his ST/UNIQLO contracts do not allow him to be sponsored by Adidas, therefore, he is not promoting them on his web page and vice versa. However, since they have no shoe to offer, he is allowed to wear any shoe he wants -- Addias gives him free of charge and he "promotes" them for free... In the end, the contract he has with UNIQLO is probably worth more than what Adidas could/would offer.

Just my theory...
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