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My brother and I, both back in our home town for Thanksgiving and at the courts to play our regular holiday match, were asked to play doubles by the only two other players at the high school courts we were using. We agreed and had a had a fun competitive match against what turned out to be a father and son so it was family feud time. As we are talking afterward we find out the son had just graduated from college and lived in Atlanta, the same as my brother. Since he had 4.5 skills and a 4.0 rating he immediately got recruited to play on my brother's ALTA team. More coincidentally, the kid had played high school tennis on the same team as my nephew and the dad lived in the same neighborhood where I was staying, just down the street from my mom's house. Throw in an absolutely gorgeous windless 60 degree day and it could not have been better. Thank you Abrahan Lincoln.
When should you serve and volley in doubles? Only when you want to win.

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