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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
Good point. By 1962, Hoad's conditioning and play had deteriorated to the point where his victories at Adelaide, the Facis, the 1964 New Zealand tour, while not the premiere events in the world, were the best he could accomplish, although he regained good form in the 14 to 0 tour against Laver in 1963.
The 1960 tour by Rosewall against Gonzales was for the world crown, more important by far than the Perrier. I doubt that Hoad was concerned about the Perrier in 1958, a year when he played in two world championship tours, and won almost $200,000, by far the most in pro tennis.
I have also excluded the 1957 Europe tour, in which Hoad won (perhaps on clay) 6 to 3 against Rosewall.
I have listed the major clay TOURNAMENT results, which were 7 to 2 for Hoad on clay against Rosewall.
Dan, You insinuate that Hoad did not have a professional attitude in not trying in "lesser" events. Perrier was the preparation for the French Pro. Why should he tank matches?

The world tour ended in April. Perrier started in August. The second "tour" consisted of only five or six tournaments. Please give me better arguments!

How often will you tell me that Hoad was 7:2 in tournaments on clay (I doubt if you have the correct number, see Geneva, 1962)?. I'm sure that Perrier was more important than a few of those tournaments f i. Australian Hardcourts...

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