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The problem with Title IX is in how it's applied. Instead of schools adding sports for women, it's more likely you see schools reducing sports for men. I went to a school that was 52% female, so we had to keep funding some really bad women's teams (e.g. usually less then 5 wins in a season) just to keep our numbers up.

One thing I am in support of to even things out a bit for the men is to recognize cheerleading and dance teams as varsity sports. They are part of the athletic budget and look at their roster sizes. Unfortunately the courts have not agreed. In 2009 Quinnipiac College cut a few sport teams incl. women' volleyball in a budget balancing move. The women's volleyball team sued the school claiming it no longer complied with Title IX. The school claimed they were still in compliance with Title IX by including cheerleading in the headcount.
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