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Originally Posted by Rulo View Post
I was thinking about SPPP.... How would it work??
What tension would you recommend?? I was thinking about 28 kilos, but I'm afraid the racket it's too old and could crack or something, because a few months ago, I send one of my PST+ to a tennis shop and ask them to string it with Ballistic Polymono at 28 kilos....4 hours later, the racket broke at 3 o'clock
The racket should be able to handle 28 kilos (62 lbs), but I wouldn't go any higher than that and it's probably best to go lower from a playability standpoint. In my opinion SPPP performs better at lower tensions. If you want a tighter stringbed, keep the tension the same and just choose a stiffer string. If you've never hit the racket before I'd say strung it at 28 kg (midpoint of tension range 55-70 pounds) with synthetic gut the first time so you have some sort of reference on what the racket feels like, then next time you have it strung try out the SPPP at 24-25 kg. From there you can go up or down 1-1.5 kg depending on your preference.

If your racket cracks, it cracks. You got it for free, and it's a 20 year old racket. What do you expect. Your PST+ on the other hand should not have cracked just from stringing poly at high tension, perhaps it already had hairline fractures from hitting the court.
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