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This was the point of my original post, the height issue is reduced with the advent of mini-tennis balls - the rationale behind graduated mini-tennis is the ball is consistently in the players strike zone at whichever stage of development they are at. Therefore the same pro's and con's should apply at say mini orange as do at yellow - that's what i'd be interested to see.
Right, and only time will tell. Pro's like myself will definately have to rethink there approach.. In my case, (working in a colder climate, will limited weekly access) I doubt i will teach many one handers (unless there are clear, mitigating circumstances) as it is quite obvious to me that the one hander has a longer learning curve.

Besides, having watched thousands of college matches, the two hander is the overwhelming choice. The argument that the one hander constitues the highest percentage of the the very elite in pro tennis, is irrellevent to me.

In most cases, I have a few years to get a kid into college level abilities (whatever division that may be) and the two hander is just (in most cases) much quicker to master.
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