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Originally Posted by chico9166 View Post
Besides, having watched thousands of college matches, the two hander is the overwhelming choice.
Back when I was learning the same was true of the one hander. After several years in junior high and high school of hitting a lousy one hander (no instruction - I knew it wasn't right but I didn't know what to do to fix it), I switched to a 2hbh. Like most I had immediate success with it. 30 years later everyone hits a 2hbh now. Cool, but it might switch back.

I know how to hit both now. I still use a 2hbh but I think I could make either work well for me. As 5263 said the one area where it's hard not to see a disadvantage to the 1hbh is return of serve. Against a good serve you only have a few hundred milliseconds to set-up, and good servers can make things happen after the ball bounces that you have to adjust to.
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