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Originally Posted by travlerajm View Post
I sometimes plan my returns, depending on the situation.

In some cases, I plan ahead to use a "go with the pitch" return strategy. That is, if the pitch is away, I hit it to the opposite field. And if the pitch is inside, I pull it.

Other times, I plan ahead to put the return in a particular spot that favors winning the point. This might be "deep and high over the net", or it might be "get the return to his backhand."

Other times, when I play against a very big server who is hitting heavy serves that bounce high, I might return with my grip already in the continental position. This way, I am better prepared to return with a firm volley-like stroke, especially on forehand returns where the ball is up around my head and still rising.

I find it interesting that the most comments made in the thread deal with the one item: choosing where to hit returns ahead of time. Of course that's easier to do with second serves as they are weaker shots. First serves are harder to do this with as you have less time. But why the resulting interest in just this one item when there are so many here?

I would have thought there would be more interest in the lull master item. Or serving. Usually, when people pay to learn, from a pro, (Guys who I can usually beat easily, as they are usually only at a 4.5 level), they ask for serving lessons. But that is not true here on the board.

I don't think that it's any different: our weakest shot is the hardest one for us to learn, and for most of us that is: the serve. So why be more interested in choosing return sites? I think because so many don't do that.
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