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Originally Posted by Gonzalito17 View Post
"you're a pusher." Whoa. It's a snide put down of course, then I say, Yeah well I only needed to play my B game to beat you,
So when I first read this thread, I was on your side... only a sore loser would insult you after being beaten.

But the more I read of this thread...

Originally Posted by Gonzalito17 View Post
So when he challenged me to play this match I wanted to kill him. I played to kill him, why bother using your A game with a weak player? WHy take any disrespect from a C level dog?
Originally Posted by Gonzalito17 View Post
my B and C games can kill just about all 4.0 players. I can play great defense and never miss while also mixing it up. Also have excellent quickness and anticipation.
... the more I figure I would not want to play you, regardless of whatever your actual tennis game and skill level really is.

Someone who has a love for tennis and confidence in his own abilities would not need to make posts like that. You talk about respect but you're not showing much of it yourself.
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