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Originally Posted by FrisbeeFool View Post
What?? Decide where to hit your return before your opponent serves? Are you kidding me? I understand maybe trying to target your opponents weaknesses if you have the opportunity, but on your returns a lot of it is just reacting to the shot you're returning. Being so doctrinaire and mechanical about everything is a recipe for unforced errors.

Why would you let low balls come in closer? Move in and take it out in front of you before it gets too low.
You should have a clear idea of what you are going to do with your return and where you're going to hit it. Just like you decide where you will hit your serve, its the same on the return and in doubles more so.

Pro's do not decide to run around their backhands on a second serve and hit a forehand inside out after their opponent hits the serve. This is pre-determined before the opponent even tosses the ball.
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