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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
I enjoy this, challenging both of them to show me a single proof or lead other than he is a #1 therefore must be sponsored. With all the other sports Adidas is making much more than with the barricades....or tennis...

I just wanted what the two smarties do for living.
The proof is in the pudding if you chose to open your eyes.

Time and time again you say the same thing in a different manner, no matter what new example or situation arises to show otherwise - Tomas Berdych above for example.

You approach every new ripple in this ongoing discussion as if it's some person affront to your self-professed expertise on Djokovic. You may know someone who knows someone who knows someone from backwater Europe - I actually have no doubt you do - but it means nothing in terms of what is the most probable scenario for one of the most high profile sportspeople on the planet by way of endorsement.

We've been through dozens of iterations of examples to show your analogies are not quite as clear cut or definitive as you suggest and you come back every time with the same old "it's not on his website", "Adidas don't have him on his website" and, the newer slant, "he's not wearing the current model/colour-way". These are simply not definitive arguments - not even close - and suggesting they are is folly.

You ask for proof he was sponsored by Adidas - well let's look at it another way. Why don't you prove why he isn't? You can't, so stop transferring your daytime middle-management hand-nose sales attitude to an area as if you're an expert in sponsorship of sporting goods.

We've been through nonsense time and time again with you calling me Junior and trying to browbeat me into saying what I do and I haven't for one good reason - because it's way more fun to see you come back again and again like a red bull to a rag as if you're mr know-it-all on everything related to Djokoivc.

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