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JGads received this playtest stick and i had a chance to hit with it. it's stiff still but definitely more comfortable than the previous 2 versions (i've never tried the original APD). also the SW is lower 316 vs 331 so it comes through the contact zone quicker. i always felt the APDC was sluggish especially on my 1hbh. i experienced no sluggishness w/ the 2013 stick. even though the SW is lower, this stick still retains the same huge gobs of power of the previous versions. spin and pace are effortless. hits a heavy ball from the baseline. i felt it had a bit too much power, but i think it can be tamed a bit by increasing tension. i think the playtest stick came strung at 55# off a lockout machine w/ RPM Blast which was a bit low especially after the strings started losing some tension after the initial hit. i think power levels would be better if it was strung at 55-57# on a constant pull machine. as far as serves go, the new stick is more comfortable for sure. the previous models hurt my shoulder even w/ a dampener and i was able to play without a dampener w/ the 2013 version. this one while stiff doesn't transmit as much shock and vibration to my shoulder. and man, does this thing serve up some absolute bombs!

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