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Originally Posted by MAXXply View Post
^ I sometimes wonder whether Nike's branding nous and shoe nomenclature extended as far back as Mac's debut in '77. Like, did Nike even have a Tennis Division back then? Was the model as worn by Mac from 77-81 really marketed at the time as the "Wimbledon"? I thought they only thought that up in the late 80s when they released all those garment leathery ones (with purple/green checkerboard motif tongues etc) to compete with Reebok at the time. I just thought Nike tossed Mac a pair of lowcut basketball shoes and said, "there you go".

Who are the retailers you shop at? On the High St? I must check them out
No the Nike Wimbledon was out as far back as 1974 - 1975 - I had my first pair in late 1975 after I got some at the US Open that fall. Jimbo wore them as well from 1974 thru the late 70s before he went to Converse. In fact if you look at old pics or videos of Connors and others from the mid 70s you can see the all white and then the white and light blue Wimbledons all over the place.

The Wimbledon was Nike first tennis specifc shoe and was based on the adidas Halliet/Smith shoe.

JMac was not the first nor biggest star to tote them, Vitas, Connors.......very common shoe in the mid to late 70s - checkout pics of the 75 Connors/Ashe Wimby final - Connors clearly has the Nikes on.
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