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Yeah, his first serve brought him nothing in this match
Yep, Connors was broken 8 times, and in three of those games he got broken despite making all his first serves.

In the last game of the opening set he made 5 of 5 first serves and got broken at 15. In his last service game of the match he made 5 of 5 again and got broken.

In fact he made his last 15 first serves of the match, and 18 of his last 19, but still got broken twice in that stretch.

Do you have success on 1st and 2nd serve?

Originally Posted by Nadal_Power View Post
And he was inferior even in longer points, if we can call points with 5-8 strokes longer

Points by lenght of rallys

1-4 (171) : 95-76
5-8 (60) : 37-23
9-12 (4) : 2-2
13+ (1) : 1-0
So Ashe won 56% of the shortest points, and 62% of rallies that went 5-8 shots. So yeah, that's a surprise, because Ashe had small leads over Connors in aces (1-shot rallies) and in drawing return errors (2-shot rallies). Yet when the rallies went past 5 shots he was even more likely to win the point.

Interesting stuff, these rally counts. Do you have a lot of those?

Originally Posted by Nadal_Power View Post
And what do you think about that situation when Jimmy had point for 4-1 in fourth set, maybe that could turned the match in his favour?
Well I haven't seen the match in 3 years, but upthread I wrote about how Ashe returned to his old power tactics in the third set, which he lost. He got burned by some return winners from Connors, including early in the fourth set when Connors took a lead. But then Ashe returned to the gameplan he had started with, and the match started going again the way it had in the first two sets.

So yes Connors got within a point of a 4-1 lead in the fourth, but I don't think his chances of turning the match around were very good so long as Ashe kept to his gameplan. The one time he sank his teeth into the match was during the third set and early in the fourth; but he was getting a little more pace from Ashe during that stretch. Without pace he looked much less confident, even confused.
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