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Originally Posted by El Diablo View Post
I was pleased to see the wretched "comfort" score of 73. I've used the new PD with "cortex deluxe" and the current APD with "cortex standard" and simply can't understand how people perceive these racquets as becoming more comfortable. They are bone jarring. Perception is indeed, as the cognitive psychologists tell us, all about motivation.
Exactly what i found early in the year, awful, the worse 100 sq in there is.

I'd give a 0 in comfort to that thing and to the pure drive.

Having a 73 is a little difference to what they consider comfort, some other racquets receive 80-85 and are super comfortable, not this one is jarring as it could be and still 73?

Anyway, I gave up on play test because of that, too stiff, not that I'd be selected but...

They received 86 and 89, something is for sure wrong, I can't imagine that racquet even close to my Ezone Xi.
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