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Default Translating weight room success into on-court persormance

Hello TW community. I am currently working on a project and would like to get the community's opinon and views in order to put together information based on issues that are most commonly experienced my tennis players of all levels. But first let me give you some background information about myself.

My name is James and I play Division I tennis. I'm a sophomore in college and am an aspiring physical therapist. I'm a certified personal trainer and am also a 4th degree blackbelt in taekwon-do. I have a unique and keen understanding of movement and how to maximize that movement through my experience practicing taekwon-do and my enthusiasm for weight training. I'm a fitness geek and an avid weight lifter.

But for the sake of getting to the point as fast as possible, I was not recruited to play tennis for my college. I'm a walk-on athlete. In high school, I played C-division tennis, basically the worst possible level of tennis. I never played a USTA tournament in my life prior to going into college and never got formal individual tennis coaching. But through my passion for hard work, I managed to get a position at 6th singles and 2nd doubles this year and was also named captain of the team. How did I do it? Through hard work and dedication to improving myself.

I think one of my keys to success was my ability to train my body to adjust to the required physicality of division I tennis through my weight training and conditioning. Combined with as much hitting practice and occasional paid-training from coaches here and there, I improved my tennis enough to hang with the team and contribute more than I ever thought I could.

What I want to do is get a list of questions that players from this online community have and base by research and information gathering on the specific problems that everyone may be coming across. I have yet to come across an article or piece of information detailing the specific requirements of tennis weight training or read anything past the usual incorporation of mediocre body part exercises and circuit training. I personally feel that all that important information is kept secret to those few experts and not enough of that information is being provided to the community to make use of.

Am I the best tennis player? No. But I am a perfect example of how hard work and effort combined with proper knowledge and information can help an individual continue to improve way past their initial expectations.
Post any questions relating to weight training, nutrition and conditioning that you may have. Below I will post come of my questions so get it started. I look forward to seeing what everyone else want to know so that I can help you gain that extra step in your game.

I will also provide the link yo my facebook page and my youtube channel. It is all a work in progress but will soon get back up on it's feet once I get this project going. It will include video tutorials once I know what questions get the most attention. My channel and page is a general fitness page as well, feel free to subscribe to stay posted on fitness videos or just be on the lookout for the tennis strength training series I will put together. Thank you everyone!

-What are the best exercises to build a solid foundation and why?
-What approach (bodybuilder,strength training,etc...) should I take in weight lifting for tennis?
-Are there any exercises to increase my power in my ground strokes or serve?
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