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Agreed with other posters, this is a fantastic post. I wish I was as lucky as OP to have such a great relationship tennis-wise with their kids (or in my case, me with my dad).

When I started playing tournaments I probably went 0-12 in the first three years which I'd like to at least partially attribute to the pressure I felt from my dad coming to watch my matches. Of course, everything looks so easy from the sideline..."just hit the winner down the line!" "just hit the ace out wide!" and he yelled at me whenever I lost the match. That included a match I lost 0-6; 0-6 to some guy ranked top 100 nationally.

I told my dad to stop coming to my matches, and the next year I not only won my first match, but my first tournament, and finished out the year at 14-5.

I wish I could have had a better relationship with my dad back then, but I simply couldn't perform under the pressure he gave me. It has been nearly nine years now since I played my last tournament...perhaps I'll try playing some doubles matches with him and create some good memories with him...
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