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I got into tennis later in life(37). after I went to the Us open a couple of times in the early 200's the two players that impressed me the most were Tommy Haas and Mark Phillipousis. Haas for his fantastic variety, 1HBH and all court play. I also liked that he showed his emotions on the court, Phillipousis I liked because he had such raw power, and ended points from all over the court with blazing winners, yet still managed to show some finesse up at the net. Obviously as I learned the game, I realized that there were better players out there, but to see these two guys live, early to my intro to the game, really changed my impression of the game, which at the time I thought was a pretty country club sport. Thes two showed me that tennis players are real athletes and from then on I was hooked. I still like and route for Haas to this day, but Fed is the player I feel has the best rounded game.
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