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Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
Word of the day: perseverance.

After hitting ctl-r countless times at each & every stage, I finally got my order through.

Actually, the deal was a lot better if you did it like this:
  1. Go to TW's Facebook page & click the 'VIP - Exclusive Discounts' link
  2. Select "Men's Shoes"
  3. Select the CB 3.3s and the Barricade 6.0s (both on that page)
  4. Get 10% off the Black Friday price, bringing them down to $53.99
  5. Pay with the Holiday Gift Card, purchased last week at a 20% discount, bringing the price down to $43.19.

I feel as though I just did something illegal. $43 for a pair of Barricade 6.0s and CB 3.3s? How can I NOT buy multiple pairs?
I hate you McLovin, but can't change the order now.
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